the older, the better

Vintage Molds

This impressive collection of "molds" were used from the 1920s of the last century, to produce, by electrolysis, forms which made the chocolate shapes. Around 1960's the metal molds and forms were replaced by the cheaper and more hygienic silicone molds. They have been stored and forgotten for almost half a century, until now.

Thousands of kilo’s of excellent molds & forms were recently brought from Tilburg to the Randstad. A huge industry was built on these items. Rumor has it, that at that time, upcoming artists of the Tilburg School of Applied Arts were partly responsible for these wonderful pieces.

The forms are often part of collections. However, the even rarer molds are not often shown in these quantities. The molds can be used for multiple purposes; they have been used as a paperweight, doorstops, focus, beautification or processed in decorative walls. Others have purchased a variety of stamps for nostalgic and eclectic reasons ...

These "molds & forms" come from the VormenFabriek in Tilburg. Other players on the European market were; Letang Fils in France, Walter Hermann from Berlin or Anton Reiche from Dresden. In the Netherlands the firms Riecke & Co. from Helmond and Cladder & Jansen from Amsterdam and the VormenFabriek…

Rare and unique molds for forms, which were used to produce multiple forms for the patisserie industry in Europe in the years 1920-1960

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