the older, the better


This impressive collection of "molds" were used from the 1920s of the last century, to produce, by electrolysis, forms which made the chocolate shapes. Around 1960's the metal molds and forms were replaced by the cheaper and more hygienic silicone molds. They have been stored and forgotten for almost half a century, until now.

The molds can be used for multiple purposes; they have been used as a paperweight, doorstops, focus, beautification or processed in decorative walls. Others have purchased a variety of stamps for nostalgic and eclectic reasons ...
Multiple molds evoke a nostalgic sentiment, with the view of the recognizable images, the taste buds tingle. Some of the molds carry the clearly recognizable signs of well known chocolate manufacturers including; Tjoklat, van Houten, Droste, Stollwerck and many other brands. Please browse through our online catalogue, which will be updated frequently.
Positive & Negative:
Because the catalog will be extended, we will find positive and negative molds, If this is the case, then both will be presented as one. Some molds were commonly used and can be found in the catalog several times, they will be placed at the appropriate place next to each other. Therefore keep coming back to the website, since it will be updated each time in the near future. So keep coming back for new unique surprises.
Mold & Form:
The "molds" come in different sizes and weights. The decorations are sometimes simple, or they used for that time very complex images. You can often guess in which period the molds were manufactured. By brushing or polishing the metal, you can show the metal or emphasize the thin layer of rust, whatever suits the owner. Some of the pieces of this collection will become 100 years old within a decade.